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Why we brought commercial laundry equipment to Australia

GC Laundry Equipment is a family owned company based in Queensland. Our core business is the distribution of Dexter Laundry products throughout Australia and the South Pacific. GC Laundry Equipment has been the exclusive Distributor for Dexter in Australia since 2003.

Through our network GCLE handles all aspects of importing, sales, installation, service, and warranty for Dexter.  Our main objective is to provide our customers with a first-class sales and backup service. GCLE goes to great lengths to protect the interests of our clients and assist in the development of their business.  Our skilled staff are available for technical assistance any time of day or night.

The development of the business has also seen sales across all areas of the South Pacific along with the establishment of a very capable service and support unit in all regions.

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Need a new commercial washing machine or dryer? Contact our helpful team or browse our range of Dryers, Washers, and Combo Washer Dryer units. For caravan parks and remote locations, see our Transportable Laundry Unit.

Our history

GC Laundry Equipment was formed in 1998 when Phil and Jenny moved their family from Cairns to the Gold Coast. Having a history in electrical appliances and laundry equipment it didn’t take long for Phil to recognise the opportunity that existed in South East Queensland.  The business initially sold and serviced a variety of brands across all industries.

In 2003 Phil was approached by the then Australian distributor to take over the Dexter brand. Following the successful negotiation with Dexter in the US, GC Laundry Equipment became the exclusive distributor for Australia and the South Pacific. The business has operated from several locations since 1998, each time increasing its footprint to allow for increased stock and service areas.

From just two people our company now supports a complete national sales and service network.

Dexter USA have recognised our efforts and growth and have even awarded us The Distributor of the Year in 2010.  GCLE has also succeeded in attaining several International Distributor of the Year Awards in recognition of our continued growth and performance.

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