Credit Card / Payment Systems

Credit card payment systems for commercial laundries

If you want to keep your commercial laundry full of happy customers, make the chore of laundry as convenient and as hassle free as possible. Some of the ways you can do this are with wall mounted Soap Dispensers and Powder, Change Machines, and Credit Card Payment Systems.

Credit Card / Payment Systems | Commercial Washing Machine | Gc Laundry

Credit card payment systems can save you as a business owner from having to arrange someone to collect coins from machines at your laundry locations. We offer retrofit-out systems, so you don’t need to upgrade older equipment to bring your laundry facilities up to date.

With more than 100 years’ combined experience in the commercial and industrial laundry industry, the knowledgeable team at GC Laundry Equipment can assist you with equipment and supplies for any size commercial laundry facility. We are the authorised distributor for Australia and the South Pacific, for the top USA made brand Dexter.