GC Laundry Equipment operates across a range of sectors including Hospitals, Hotels & Motels, Mining Accommodation, Caravan Parks, Nursing Homes, Restaurants and Laundromats.

Hygiene is critical to your business and Dexter has the equipment that you need to protect your patients and your employees. Our easily programmed units allow you to control the settings you need to remove pathogens and other contaminants.

Dexter products have become and integral part of healthcare facilities around the world, helping administrators maximise space and minimize expenses while maintaining the strict standards that are so much a part of today’s modern healthcare system.

In addition to being fully programmable and easy-to-operate, Dexter washers feature 304 stainless steel front, top and side panels. Our matching dryers are available with optional stainless steel fronts and cylinders as well.
We will work with you to determine the proper capacity of equipment for your laundry needs.

Labor and utility costs are the two highest expenses impacting on today’s on-premise laundries.

View our Dexter Range or Contact us TODAY how you can cut both by upgrading to Dexter!