Coin Laundries

Coin Laundries have existed in Australia for over 50 years and today there is over 3000 facilities Australia wide. Generally these facilities are located in suburban and strip shopping centres throughout the country. As the demographics of our country have changed the opportunities for coin laundries have also presented themselves to astute investors.

016f5b23bdba64137f11b05ce1d1709293587a3a3cGCLE work with customers to develop coin laundries as well as upgrades to existing facilities. Our experience and association with Dexter has seen GC Laundry Equipment develop into a major supplier of coin laundry equipment in Australia.

Generally a customer will have decided on a geographic location for their laundry based on factors such as industry experience, perceived demand, urban development or lack of existing facilities.  It is then important to identify the right premises so as to address issues such as shop size, surrounding businesses, fit out costs and access to services.  It is at this point our sales staff can assist to maximise your opportunity in selection a location.

Getting the internal design right can be as important as finding the right location.  If the launderette cannot function to the maximum capacity then the owner is missing out on income and it can also lead to disgruntled customers.  Far too often we find laundries that lack adequate access between washers and dryers or leave inadequate space for servicing.

DSC00512Getting the right equipment is as important as getting the right location, not everyone wants to wash the same type and amount of laundry, the right combination in equipment means customers can process laundry in a single cycle with timing convenient to their needs.

A major part of the GCLE service is that we oversee the installation of every machine we sell.  This not only protects against faults or warranty issues but it ensures the functionality or appeal of a new laundry are not compromised. We will then commission each machine and ensure that everything functions to our clients expectations.

Networking, why not take the guesswork out of running your operation, with a fully networked launderette you are able remotely, monitor performance, assist with machine faults and maintain full control over machines. And we don’t just end it there GCLE want to make it a pleasant experience so we provide all the warranty and back up you need for years of trouble free operation.