When you purchase a DEXTER machine you are not only getting the finest quality and best value laundry equipment, you also become part of the DEXTER family and get to enjoy a host of additional benefits.  Your unique ‘Dexter Experience’ includes;

  • The ability to customize the look of your Dexter Equipment with Blue or new Black decals
  • Installation of your new Dexter equipment by qualified technicians anywhere in the country
  • Made in the USA quality
  • The support of a fully employee owned company that ensures that only the best materials are used
  • The best after sales service and technical assistance
  • Invitations to participate in marketing and training schools to help you grow your business
  • Opportunities for future business expansion
  • Piece of mind in knowing that you have the best equipment and the best team supporting you
  • Ongoing complementary support of your Dexter equipment along with other Dexter Laundry owners throughout Australia.

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